Locatelli at GMHA

May was a busy month for Fairmont Stables!  The weekend of the 16 and 17 I was at GMHA in South Woodstock VT with Locatelli.  We showed in the hunter ring both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday, Betsy started off the day by showing Locatelli in a preparation hunter class.  Then I started by showing him in part of the special hunter division.  Later in the day we did Children’s Hunters.  Everything went pretty well considering that it was both his and mine first outdoor horse show, however it was definately not seamless!  On Sunday we did a similar system by starting off the day with a 2’6″ division and ending with the 3′ Childrens.  Sunday went smoother than Saturday with rounds that flowed together more nicely.  Locatelli and I were working together much better.

On May 19 Locatelli, Betsy and I left for HITS.  We were there until the 23.  We arrived late Tuesday night so did not do any riding.  On Wednesday Betsy started Locatelli in the unjudged warm-ups.  He was very good so I got to practice as well!  On Thursday I just had a lesson.  Since we didn’t ride until the end of the day, we got to lesson in the Grand Prix schooling area when it was practically empty.  There was a barrier in the middle of the ring and at the end of the lesson Betsy said I should try to jump it!  I don’t think Locatelli completely believed that I was going to do it so he was very good and we got a deep distance.

The barrier Locatelli jumped.  It looked about 3 foot.

The barrier Locatelli jumped. It looked about 3 foot.

Friday was the first day of showing.  We showed in both Novice and Limit Equitation.  In our first course it was so windy that a jump completely fell over!  That didn’t start our day off very well and Locatelli and I had a few miscommunications throughout the day.  

Saturday was the first day of Childrens Hunters and it started out with a warmup in the Novice Equitation.  One of the Childrens Hunter rounds Locatelli placed 8th!

On Sunday, we started the day with the THIS Medal (Taylor Harris).  In that class Locatelli was very good and we had no major mistakes.  Since Locatelli doesn’t specialize in equitation (there are tighter turns than in hunters) it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been but I was happy with our course.  Sunday was not our best day in Childrens but I was glad that we got a good course in!

All in all I’d say we got out our beginning of the season jitters in May!  I’m hopeful and working on making the bumps along the road fewer as we continue on our season.  Practice makes perfect!


First OUTSIDE lesson of 2015!

First lesson of 2015

I think that spring has finally come!  Today Locatelli and I had our first outdoor lesson of 2015!  He was good, but wanted to make sure we knew how exited he was to be outside!  Our first real horse show, GMHA is coming right up!  Locatelli and I have been to one schooling show so far, however that was indoors.  We brought Locatelli home from St. Lawrence University, (where he’s been getting in shape this winter/spring) last weekend.  He has been adjusting to being back home really well.  Also, Petticoat was very happy to have her brother back :)!

This year Locatelli and I are going to continue work in the Children’s Hunter division which is three feet.  We have been getting back in shape slowly but surely as you can see by the smaller jumps.  We are working now on some courses with more turns than hunter courses would traditionally have, as I am getting ready to do some more equitation!  Equitation courses aren’t really Locatelli’s favorite thing to do, but he has been very good about giving it his all!